Amazon is reportedly preparing the next version of its Kindle Fire and a company branded smartphone, both are using a modified version of Android. At the same time the company is beefing up its ecosystem with a new social gaming platform called GameCircle.

“GameCircle helps game developers grow their business by enabling them to easily integrate new features including achievements, leaderboards and sync, leading to a more engaging gaming experience for millions of Kindle Fire owners”

In addition to achievements, leaderboards , game players will enjoy Amazon Sync feature that allows saving in-game progress to Amazon Cloud service and resume exactly from the same state later, even on different devices.


“We have received extremely positive feedback from developers on our recently launched In-App Purchasing API with its easy 1-Click purchasing, and now we’re excited to add yet another reason to be a game developer for Kindle Fire,” saidPaul Ryder, Vice President of Apps and Games at Amazon. “The new GameCircle APIs mean that developers don’t have to worry about building leaderboards, achievements or sync in their games – they can focus on the elements of their games that are truly unique while building an immersive, more entertaining experience on Kindle Fire. This will quickly help developers grow their business by reaching more customers and keeping them engaged.”

Game developers are invited to get the newly released APIs, which helps will help game developers quickly and easily integrate their games on this platform, Starting today, developers can access the GameCircle APIs and find more information by visiting

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