Monday July 9th, is the day that FBI will shut down for good the servers that were used to mitigate the harm caused by DNSChanger (Domain Name Server Changer) malware.

image DNSChanger is a trojan virus created to redirect the Internet traffic of millions of unsuspecting consumers to websites where the thieves have profited from advertisements. 8 month ago, FBI has arrested the cybercriminals behind DNSChanger but and used surrogate DNS servers to redirect traffic from compromised PC. On Monday FBI will stop the redirecting. The Bureau estimates that as many as 275,000 PCs are still at risk of losing access to the Web this coming Monday.

Domain Name System, or DNS, converts user-friendly website names into the Internet protocol (IP) addresses that computers use to talk to each other. When users enter a website name into their web browsers, their computers contact DNS servers. If users’ computers have the wrong DNS settings for the servers, they will not be able to access websites, send e-mail or use Internet services.

FBI: To assist victims affected by the DNSChanger malicious software, the FBI obtained a court order authorizing the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) to deploy and maintain temporary clean DNS servers. This solution is temporary, providing additional time for victims to clean affected computers and restore their normal DNS settings. The clean DNS servers will be turned off on July 9, 2012, and computers still impacted by DNSChanger may lose Internet connectivity at that time.


It is possible that your computers might have been compromised without your knowledge, thus you would not be access to the Internet due to failed domain name to IP address translation after the cut-off.

Here is what you can do to prevent such disruption: McAfee has just released a free tool to help consumers who may be infected by the ‘DNSChanger’ Trojan. The new McAfee tool, available on the McAfee website, You can easily check if your Mac or PC infected just by visiting and clicking a button to see if your computer has been infected. If the result is positive, the website will offer them a free solution to restore the Internet settings..

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