In preparation to launch its new Windows 8 platform, Microsoft is introducing a new service called Xbox Music., a free and paid streaming music that will be available on the Web, Xbox Live Service, Windows 8, Windows Phone and at later date, iOS and Android devices. The service is also available for online music purchase. Microsoft has licensed music from all the major labels, as well as a ton of independents, giving the Xbox Music services more than 30 million songs in its catalog.


The service will let users search artist, song and play back for free with ad supported version. Users can create playlist and discover similar genres to listen too.

The premium Xbox Music Pass $10/monthly or $100/yearly lets users download DRM’ed tunes of choice for online or offline listening. Users can also purchase out right the DRM free tunes.

The service will be available first on Xbox on October 16th. The Windows 8 devices will get the service starting October 26th and Microsoft launches officially the new OS. Windows Phones will be supported shortly after.

The free streaming is coming to 16 markets and the subscription will be available in 22 markets international.

[Source Microsoft]

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