This Friday, Microsoft will officially launch the company forthcoming operating system. For the occasion, Microsoft will showcase some prominent apps that will take advantage of the modern interface. Among them is Skype, the popular VoIP phone & chat service that Microsoft owns.

image Skype for Windows 8 will live as a Live Tile of Windows Start screen. The Live Tile should show notifications for missed calls, outstanding messages and other pertinent information coming from its background process.

“The release focuses on delivering an experience that is simpler, faster and easier to use. Skype for Windows 8 includes top Skype features like IM, audio and video calls. It also takes advantage of some of the new features and functionality of Windows 8 that put people front and center; including integration in to the People Hub, ability to pin favorite contacts as a tile for easy access and the Skype Live Tile that shows messages and notifications right on the Start Screen.” stated by Microsoft and Skype PR.


I have not been impressed with the current UI of all the Skype clients of existing platforms. Hopefully, Skype on a larger screen real estate will better enhance user experience. I already see, the Windows 8 Snap feature, which allows to show simultaneous two apps on a spitted-screen, could be very useful for multitasking while chatting or video conferencing.

The new Skype is supposed to work on both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

[Source Microsoft]

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