image SlideShark is a great free tool for presenter who does not want to carry the laptop to a meeting room. SlideShark lets you upload PowerPoint presentation over the Web to its cloud storage at (up to 100MB for free), Box and Dropbox users can store the presentation files in these services and stream to SlideShark mobile apps. You can also upload via email attachment. Open your email, tap and hold to your attached presentation and select open in SlideShark app, this will upload to the SlideShark cloud for you.

The SlideShark iPad app can be used to hook up to a projector/TV via VGA adaptor or AppleTV. The presentations file can be streamed or download for offline projection.

The developer just added SlideShark app for the iPhone with the same functionalities as its iPad counterpart. It can work in stand-alone mode to share to a large group via VGA adaptor.

In addition, the iPhone app can work in conjunction with the iPad as a remote clicker and laser pointer.   This is actually a practical solution, since the 30-pin to VGA adapter is short, you can leave your iPad near the projector and you, as presenter, can roam around the meeting room and have full navigation control for your presentation including swipe horizontally to move the slide forward/backward; swipe up to view thumbnails to jump to a particular foil; tap and hold for laser pointer..

The remote is primarily controlled via Bluetooth, so make sure both your devices have that turned on (accessible via the device Settings.)  Next, turn on the SlideShark remote receiver on your iPad app by tapping the remote icon.  You’ll see that the switch is now turned on and you are given a PIN.  This 4-digit number will be used in the next step.  Go to the iPhone or iPod touch that you want to use as a remote and tap the same remote icon.  Select the device that you’ve chosen to be the receiver.  It will then prompt you for that PIN I just mentioned.  You only need to enter this PIN once with this device.  Once you’ve entered it, the remote is alive!  Go back to your iPad and tap play on the presentation you want to show.  Use your remote to navigate through the deck.  Simple.  The arrows on the remote will tell you what to do – which are the same swipe motions as when you view or present directly from SlideShark or when you’re browsing a photo album.  Your iPhone will even give you a little bzzz vibration in response to the action. See a video demo HERE!

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