iOS6 came with the panorama mode in the native camera app. In this mode (tap on Options, Panorama), users can take up to 240-degree wide panoramic photos. While it is easy to get larger than life photos.. The native iOS6 photo app has not yet been upgraded to fully exploit panoramic shots. The Photo app shows wide small photo that can be manually zoomed in with the familiar two-finger gestures.

image I found a free app called TourWrist, which offers a perfect way to browse to panoramic creations. You can download the free app in the app store, register to the service and start uploading your panoramic photos. You can browse your panos within the app in full screen. The app lets you use finger gesture to navigate but don’t forget to use its coolest feature that uses your smartphone gyroscope  sensor to let you move your device while browsing panoramic photo.

The app, available in iPhone, iPad, Android and its Web interface are just front-end of the full social network, meaning you can share (and embed to your Web site as shown below) , explore others panos, etc…

Be careful, the panoramic photos come with geotag info. If you test your home, upload and share.. the world will know your home address and directions how to get to your door.

I have not yet found the way to delete the panos from the mobile app. I have to go to TourWrist web site to do.


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    Hello SolSie,

    Thank you for your coverage of TourWrist.

    Great use of TourWrist embed code to help illustrate your story.

    In addition to iOS 6 panorama, you can upload panoramas from at least 17 other iOS panorama capture tools such as:

    –> 360 Panorama
    –> DMD Panorama
    –> Photosynth
    –> AutoStich Panorama

    Here are more ….

    In addition to deleting panos at (within your account), you can add clickable links, PanoSpots, to your panos such as clicking to a website.

    The free TourWrist Android app will be available in Google Play store soon.

    Thank you again for writing about your TourWrist panorama experience.

    On behalf of TourWrist,

    Dan @TourWrist

  2. Sugar Plum
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    Looking forward to when it’s available in the Google Play Store

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