I recently upgraded my Windows 7 laptop to Windows 8. Upon completion, I realized that the touchpad was acting as the mouse. As you know Windows 8 in modern UI is designed with on-screen touch gestures, without a touchscreen, I had to rely on the traditional mouse and keyboard  shortcuts, which was acceptable after a short learning curve.


I found out the Logitech T650  wireless TouchPad would support Windows 8 gesture and I was eager to get one.

Luckily, after digging on the Web, I found out that the TouchPad driver for Windows 8 is either available at the laptop vendor or at Synaptics website. At this page, you will find the generic touchpad driver for Windows including Windows 8.

I downloaded the Zip file and installed on my laptop. The installer requested a restart upon completion. After the Windows 8 is brought back up. Just go to your desktop or hit Win+D, you will see the settings for Synaptics with MultiFinger Gestures settings. Synaptics conveniently includes a video showing each gesture and how it works. 


Now just hit the Win key again to go back to the Today screen with Modern UI.. Swipe your finger from right to left will reveal the Charms bar, Swipe from top edge down will show the App bar… and other gestures such two finger scrolling vertically and horizontally (keep your two fingers apart enough to see it in action), Pinch Zoom, etc.. should work.

The only gesture that doesn’t work for me is swipe from left edge to right to switch to background tasks and top corner down to see the Tab switcher (Win+Tab).. The spit windows doesn’t work neither (Win+.).

Despite few glitches above, I am still very happy with the solution.

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