image Google Wallet, a mobile payment system known to use your smartphone NFC to replace traditional plastic cards, ironically will expand the service to add its own real physical card, as reported by AndroidPolice.

Google understands in a perfect world, everybody should own an Android phone with NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled. Since we are not in that perfect world, many merchants do not have Google Wallet program and especially Cupertino has not yet adopted NFC in its iPhone so it is good to cope with reality  and morph the service in to something that Google has been using Google Voice. Google Voice let user use one single phone number to replace all existing physical phone numbers and make them less relevant. 

Similarly, with the new Google Wallet card, you can add all the credit cards you own and a one to be used as default in your Google Wallet account.  If you want to pay with different card?, just open the mobile app and pick the one you like. For each transaction, Google will send you an instant notification. From now on, you only need to carry one card and leave the other cards home.  Beside the convenience, Google Wallet will provide 24/7 fraud monitoring and remote disable your phone or card anytime.

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