Unless you purchased a new Windows 8 PC with a Touchscreen, most Windows 8 upgraders will probably have to deal with the traditional mouse, keyboard, which is not optimal to navigate the modern UI.

image While touchscreen is practical and intuitive on a tablet and perhaps small laptop, on a large desktop  configuration, I am still not convinced it is the solution. A touchpad that allows you to swipe on seems to make more sense to navigate your screen with much less effort.

I was hoping that Windows 8 enables the trackpad on the traditional laptop to act as the touchscreen, unfortunately it does not work the same way as the Windows 8 touchscreen. Your laptop trackpad simply acts as a mouse.

The $59 Logitech T650 TouchPad comes to the rescue. The unit is very similar to Apple TrackPad for the Mac desktop. The TouchPad connects wirelessly with a tiny Logitech USB dongle, which can support up to 8 other Logitech peripherals. The touchPad itself has a rechargeable battery that need a recharge weekly via a microUSB port.  The TouchPad offers a surface of 5” x 5” made of smooth, scratch-resistant glass with a slight ergonomic angle. 

With this input device, Windows 8 is way more enjoyable to use. The T650 acts just as your touchscreen.

Swipe your finger right edge to left to reveal the Charms bar; left edge to right to switch to other running task; three fingers down minimizes/restores desktop windows and four fingers up/down maximizes/minimizes windows, pinch to zoom, click or tap with one finger for left mouse click, click or tap the lower right corner with one finger for right mouse click, etc.. See more gestures HERE! 

Logitech’s SetPoint software will further customize the gestures as you wish.

The Logitech TouchPad seems to be a must have accessory for your non-touchscreen Windows 8 desktop.

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