Misfit Wearables, a startup based in San Francisco just launched a crowd-sourcing project on Indiegogo for a wireless activity tracker called Shine. A simple piece of aircraft grade aluminum that users can clip or wear as wristband to monitor physical activities through out the day based on personal activity goal setting.

Users can use the companion app running on iOS devices to program goals, which can be transferred to the Shine via an intriguing proprietary technique. Throughout the day, Shine device monitors activities including walking, running, swimming and biking and indicate  the completion levels via a series of lighted dots. The data can be fed back to the app for progress checking. Misfit will open the interface with API for third party app developer to come up with new applications.


As this time with 28 days left the $100,000 has been easily met, the company is planning to launch sometime in early 2013 for $99. Misfit Shine comes with a built-in clip. A wristband in plastic and another one in leather will be offered at extra cost .

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