image Lytro, the revolutionary photography technology that produces a dynamic photo that the focus can be manipulated at will, forever. If you are familiar with the depth of field concept, where the photographer wants to sharp focus an objet and blur  the background. Lytro provides the same effect, but instead of looking at the final photo, the focus object on a Lytro photo can be chosen and changeable by the viewer. Lytro cameras come in two versions: $399 for an 8GB model and $499 for 16GB.

Today, Lytro introduces two more features Perspective shift and Living filters. Both features are available on the Web viewers and on Facebook later.

With perspective shift, you can drag and move your mouse pointer to see the background shifting slightly. People or objects at different depths move on separate planes  creating a 3D effect. The effect works when viewing on the iPad by wobbling the device.

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The Living filters add artsy effects similar to the ones on Instagram. Just like the focus shift and Perspective shift. The filters can be changed dynamically.

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