You can ask yourself how many times you asked for the WiFi access info when you are at a friend house and vice versa, how many times your guests asked you the same question at you place.

Astute homeowners can write down the SSID, password, etc.. and save it somewhere that is easy to retrieve, others might just simply forget…

I stumble upon an cool solution that is not only practical, it certainty denotes the ubergeeky character of the homeowner too.

You can visit this site, enter the SSID, password, encryption type and an optional caption. The site will return a QR code that you can print and save somewhere or best frame it as an artwork as above shown.

From now on, whenever your guests ask you the WiFi access information, just point them to the frame hung on the wall. They can use Google’s Goggle (the camera option in the Google Search app) or any QR, barcode scan app such this free one. After using the app to read the QR code, they will have all the information they need to enter to their laptop, smartphone… just using copy and paste. This would avoid all the mistypes uppercase, lower case, special characters, etc…

In addition, the site  lets you generate other QRcodes for  link, Facebook profile, Twitter handle, phone#, contact, text, etc…

[QR_Code_Wifi app Via TNW]

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