Right in time for holiday travelers or frequent air travelers. The great utility app FlightBoard for iPhone and iPad just went free today [regular price: $3.99]. The app essentially displays the Flight schedule Information similar to the one you see at the airport in real time.


The app is very easy to use. You just pick the airport and select arrivals or departures using the top left and right arrows respectively. You will see a Flight Schedule information board including Flight#, Destination, Gate, Depart /Arrival Time as if you are at that airport. You can scroll to find the interested flight or simply use the search bar on top.

Taping on any flight will show further details such real time updated departure and arrival time at destination, aircraft type, along with a real time ticker announcing latest news about the flight, etc..  Social sharing is also available.

This is a must have. Pick it up for free in the App store.

[Thanks Brian H.!]

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