image Whether you decided stay with Instagram or leave for greener pasture, it is always good to spread your love for photography to another service. Yahoo’s Flickr, for example used to be the favorite for both pro and amateur photographers. Flickr mobile app just got a major revamp with a brand new interface and features that can rival with the best services out there. Yes it offers artsy filters, privacy levels and easy social sharing too.

A little drawback however, the free Flickr accounts allows third party app to display the last 200 photos and only receive 300mb of data per month. If you need to view more, you may want to sign up for a pro account.

Now, if you decide to give Flickr a go, there is a Web based service called Freethephotos, which helps you to seamlessly migrate from Instagram to Flickr just with few clicks. On its site, just login  with your Instagram and your Flickr (Yahoo!) credentials, hit the “Free Your Photos” button and off you go… Upon completion (the process only takes few minutes for my few hundreds photos), you will find a new set called Instagram is created containing all your Instagram photos.

The service makes sure that it doesn’t store, keep or use your data, information, or photos in any way. All data is streamed directly from Instagram to Flickr.

[FreeThePhotos via TheNextWeb]

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