image A new crowd-funding startup is soliciting your help to make its product a reality. StickNFind is a solution aiming to help you to locate objects with ease.

The solution consists of quarter-size  Bluetooth enabled stickers and a mobile app (available on iOS and Android). You can attach the stickers to any objects such car key, remote control. The mobile app will alert when the object is located within 100 ft radius, it makes the location appear on its radar screen showing the distance between you and the object. It is up to you to navigate to the right direction to find the tagged object. The sticker itself can emit sound and light when being trigged by the mobile app.

The application is versatile from locating objects to baby-sitting, where the app notifies when the child is out of the reachable radius. When you wait for the luggage at the airport, the app will alert you when your tagged bags arrived, etc… 

The replaceable battery on each sticker can last up to one year with an average use of 30 minutes a day. Remember that you would need your smartphone to locate the tagged objects, so do not count on this solution to find your smartphone, should you lose it… Unless you use another smartphone in the household.

If this solution sounds good, you can pledge StickNFind on Indiegogo. For $35 you will get 2 stickers. $65 for 4 stickers, $90 for 6 stickers, and lastly, $150 will get you 10 stickers. The app will be free of charge.

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