imageToshiba is reportedly working on a Lytro-like image sensor for your smartphone. Lytro camera currently features a 4” light field sensor and cost around $400. The new sensor will be shrunk down to cubic centimeter in size that would fit nicely in your smartphone.

The light-field sensor lets user create a photo that focus point can be perpetually changed at will when digitally displayed. The modules made by Toshiba uses an array of 500,000 lenses, each measured 0.03 millimeter in diameter, in front of an image sensor measuring 5 mm by 7 mm. The new camera accurately measures the distance to an object based on the differences among the small images, as do cameras with two lenses that are used to create 3-D images.

The purported module-equipped camera can also be used to take videos, and allows the users to retain the image of a figure in the foreground while replacing the background.

If things are going well, Toshiba is expected to commercialize the module by the end of fiscal 2013,

Below is an embed image produced with the Lytro light field sensor camera. You can click on any part of the the image to shift the focus.


[Source Ashahi via Electronista]

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