image Despite how much I like the new iOS Google Maps for its completeness and its accuracy, without voice command or Siri integration and integration to other apps, it is hard for me to use it on the move. In details, I can not push a button and say “take me home” nor “go to the nearest coffee shop” nor opening an email/ calendar entry containing an address and tap on it for navigation.

But this morning, I read a blog post that gave a simple trick to partially mitigate my issue.

As you know, the Apple Maps app does not yet support public transit. Within the app, when clicking on the Bus icon, the app will present to you a list of other apps that can provide this feature. If you happen to have the Google Maps app installed then you can select it from the proposed list.

Likewise, you can invoke Siri and simply append “via transit” then, the list of the proposed routing apps will show up.

Example: Push and hold the home button to invoke Siri and say “Take me home via transit”, a screen with the Route apps will show up; select Google Maps on the Routing app list. Once in the Google Maps, the car icon is highlighted, tap the route you choose at the bottom…

This still does not solve the issue of tapping on an address in any app to invoke Google Maps, nevertheless, it is still a very nice workaround.

[Via TechCrunch video courtesy of Jailbreaknation]

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