imageDocuments by Readdle is a new free iPad app that can change your productivity in a big way.

The app offers a modern file manager that manages all your files, create text, open to read, playback, zip, etc.. sync between local files and cloud services..

The app primary works with the following file types:


Since this is an iOS app, all files it manages have to be present in its app storage. You can send files to the app in many ways such email and save the attached files as its storage or download them from your cloud storage services (Google Docs, SkyDrives, Dropbox, Box, etc…). You can set up a 2-way sync folder with your Cloud services. Furthermore, the included users guide will show you how set up sync via WiFi, iTunes, etc…

If you have media files stored in cloud services, the app does not stream from there. It will download first to play back. Each file has option to send back to email, or to open with another app.

Documents by Readdle iTunes Link

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