After the upgrade of voice massaging and voice call [for US and Canada] on the Facebook Messenger stand-alone app for Android and iOS, today the social network giant released new features that let people record, share voice and video directly from the Facebook for iOS app. The voice mail recording is also ported to the messenger of Facebook app.

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To record and share video, you can just tap on the Share Photo icon as usual; when the Camera Roll is shown, click on the camera icon located at the left bottom corner to open the iOS camera app, flip switch to video to record. Perhaps this is a quick answer to Twitter’s Vine app that was released a couple of days ago.

In the message portion of the app, you can chat or tap on the + icon located on the left to see options to attached a photo, take a photo snapshot (not video) or record a voice message. Very similar to the stand-alone Facebook Messenger app.

Lastly, the new app improves the look of Nearby tab with more interesting things to do based on your social graph and your current location.

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