Lettrs is a new Web service that first and foremost, lets user digitally write  handwriting-like letters and send to recipient via email, Twitter and Facebook. Later on, the service will allow to send the letter via postal mail for a fee.


You can first register to the service with Twitter, Facebook  credentials or with email. Once registered, you then can select a number of skeuomorphic themes and start writing letters. Copy and paste would work should you want to bring text written elsewhere in to the letter. Letter can be sent immediately or be scheduled for specific delivery date  to recipient via email link. Unfortunately, the recipient has to register to  to read your letter and reply back to you. Forcing the recipient to register first is not very convenient nor enticing, hopefully the service will change.

You can attach a photo to be shown as the letter thumbnail.

Other than that, you can use the service as Social Network by either post your letters to public. The letters are searchable by tags or just browse other’s.

In the top right of the page, there are options to write a letter, preserve a letter and explore various virtual places in your own account, whether it’s your kitchen counter (AKA your inbox), your shoebox (where you store private letters), or your fridge (where you post letters to the public). 

The video below explains pretty well the main features of the service.

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