Memoto, a Swedish startup is promising to deliver a  tiny wearable camera that automatically captures a photo every 30 seconds so you will never miss a moment of your life. All the photos will be stored on a cloud storage  and they organized and effortlessly searchable via a mobile app.


The 5MP weather-protected camera is equipped with 8GB of onboard storage and a GPS. The button-less camera starts taking photos with geotag information and accumulates as soon as you clip it on your clothing. It knows the right orientation so all the photos will be stored in upright position no matter how you are wearing. It also knows if there is enough lighting to take the snapshots. The internal battery lasts two full days. You will plug to your computer to recharge and at the same time the photos are automatically uploaded to Memoto’s servers. There are no buttons to press. You just wear the camera, then charge it and wear it again.

Memoto is taking pre-order. There are 3 colors (orange, graphite and white) to choose from. Each camera costs $279 including free shipping and 1-year of Memoto Secured Storage. Memoto Cloud Storage cost after the first year is not yet available.

Memoto lets you  download your lifelog in bulk,. and they have in their Terms of Service that in the worst case scenario, where Memoto for one reason or another need to shut down, you will have at least three months notice period to download all your data. It is yours and you own it.

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