image People use more and more smartphone to take and share photos in real time at gatherings and events such restaurant, concert, shopping, etc… 

One of the most popular photo sharing platforms is Instagram and Facebook, which are now become under the same roof.

As a platform, Instagram provides API for apps like this new free app Now, which smartly organizes photos taken by location, events and time to present to users.

You can use the app to find out what’s happening around your location or events at some preset popular cities that never-sleep,  in the world or even any places that you can tap on the included map. Photos are grouped by event, while the map is shown on the top. Use the left sliding panel to select options.You can share your own experiences as well



  • Highlights:
  • Discover cool places visually through events that are happening or happened there
  • Share with the community cool things happening in your city and see how popular your experiences are.
  • See crowd sourced photo albums of your experiences
  • Create your public profile and share your city’s best events and experiences with the community
  • Interact with others by replying to their experiences with your own photos
  • Filter events by category to find cool things to do
  • Explore an area’s history, as well as a specific venue’s history

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