imageIf you’re not already utilizing the gamut of apps to enhance your driving experience, what are you waiting for? From car shopping to avoiding a traffic camera or DUI, there is an app for that, that and that too. Before you fire up your engine, ready your smartphone and download these five top-notch automotive apps.
Price: Free

Any crafty consumer must be informed with the latest vehicle prices for leverage against salesmen. The app offers every automotive detail on the cars you’re interested in so that you may make the savviest decision at the dealership. Read expert and consumer reviews, browse detailed car photos and search for the best values in your proximity. Type in your zip code to pull up dealerships and buy here pay here cars at DriveTime lots, for example. When you purchase your next vehicle for an incredible deal, be sure to thank’s app.

Price: $1.99

To drive or not to drive? That is the question for frugal travelers. Cost2Drive compares the—you guessed it—cost to drive versus the cost to fly. The app estimates driving costs based on up-to-date gas prices and current airline information from Punch in your vehicle’s info and start and end point to initiate the results screen. It displays how many miles lay between you and your destination as well as the time it takes to get there. You’ll then see the one-way driving costs versus the one-way airfare costs. Select the airfare to book a flight or select “Get Trip Details” to pull up directions. Want to know how many gallons it’ll take for your trip and the average gas price along the route? Cost2Drive will answer those questions and recommend pit stops along the way.

Price: $90 (iPhone only)

A paragon of navigation, Navigon excels at delivering consummate GPS-based directions. Sure, there a slew of free, subpar GPS apps, but Navigon slaps on an extra dimension for 3D realism plus construction and traffic updates in real time. The app’s format is intuitive, visually appealing and simple to use. Navigon covers the U.S. and Canada in its entirety; other countries are available for an extra charge.


If you want to keep your alcoholism anonymous from police, this iPhone and iPod device will keep you out of your car and out of jail. The iPega isn’t an app, but a breathalyzer that plugs directly into your iOS device. Blow your inebriated breath into the iPega to obtain your BAC readout. Anywhere between 0.02 and 0.05 percent displays a “caution” sign. If your breath earns anything between 0.05 and 0.08 percent, the iPega will do its best to dissuade you from driving by displaying a “danger” message.

Cams Ahoy!
Price: $0.99

When Big Brother is watching, Cams Ahoy! will warn you. Its immense database of red light cameras and speed cameras notifies you when you’re in range of a traffic camera. One of six icons will pop up whether your GPS accuracy is bad, a 50-speed enforcement camera is within range or no cameras lay within alert distance. Fight law enforcement tech with tech of your own and never again fall prey to surreptitious cameras with this cam-scanning app.

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