image Vine, the Twitter-owned service, that lets iPhone users capture bite-size video up to 6 seconds in length and post on the the service. Link of the video can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, which offers in-line video. Users can optionally embed the video on Web site.

With Vine app, users can compose a geo-taggable long shot, combine short clips or stitch small shots to create a stop motion video.. up to 6 seconds. Video can not come from the camera roll. There is no zooming nor artsy filtering features.

Just few days after the release, a Web site called is created and lets the public view the videos as they being posted on the service. You can view the endless stream one of the time without any filtering capability. Be careful, since Vine videos can be explicit as the service has not implemented any content protection mechanism. Eventually, the service could let us filter by at least location or hashtag for more relevant viewing experience.

Vinepeek now allows payback of 5 videos (30 sec). You can mark the beginning of the playback series by clicking on start recording works on both desktop and mobile browser.

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