While the 5 incher has becomes the mainstream favorite smartphone size. The market seems to be wide open for a larger phone.

image Going to an unified device with the size measured between 75” and 7” could be a logic replacement for both tablet and smartphone. The largest smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, featuring 5.5” has been a hit with many consumers. Asus, the maker of Google’s Nexus 7 is rumored to debut such device, which will be called Asus Fonepad at the Mobile World Conference later this month.

Apple is also rumored to make a larger iPhone available in the future. The speculations are swirling for a possible 5” size to compete with the Samsung Galaxy line-up. We think it would make more sense for Apple not to play catch up game, instead, the Cupertino can just make the current iPad mini phone capable.

The DigiTimes reports Asus Fonepad will be using Android 4.1. The tablet will be powered by an Intel Atom processor with Imagination PowerVR SGX540 graphics;  1,280×800 IPS touch screen, 1GB of RAM, storage ranging up to 32GB, a 3.2MP rear camera and 1.2MP front facing camera; battery time is said to last roughly 9.5 hours with continuous use.

The Fonepad’s pricing will be floating between its siblings Nexus 7 and the Memopad.
[Via Phonearena]

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