image Until technology cracks the alternative way to protect your confidential data; we still continue to deal with the archaic id and password management. Finding the right tool to safely and conveniently store and retrieve is an absolute necessity. 

My goals are to find a password management that can satisfy my requirements:

  • Strong encryption
  • Seamless synchronization across my desktop and my mobile devices
  • The encryption key of my data stays locally within my devices and will not land on a server somewhere on the Web
  • Reliable and trustworthy developer
  • Affordable and compatible cross versions & platforms

I have been a long time SBSH’s SafeWallet user. SafeWallet so far answers and exceeds all my needs. The good news is, SBSH just offers the SafeWallet V3 for Windows, Android and iOS for FREE. The developer however, creates a VIP version that provides additional features for a small fees. You can get VIP status by inviting your friends from your social networking circles.

First and foremost, since are are dealing with confidential information, I want to get this out of the way. Below is how SBSH ensures absolute safety of your data using SafeWallet app as your password management tool:

  • All data stored with SafeWallet is always encrypted using the strongest encryption that exists, AES 256, a military grade algorithm used in financial institutes, credit card companies and governments.
    Learn more about AES-256 encryption and why it hasn’t been broken yet.
  • All your personal information is encrypted locally using your own master password. No one in the world can access your personal data without it and only you know it. This means no one can access your data – not even us!
  • Your encryption key is never sent to us – Unlike most online services, SafeWallet technology knows how to sync your data without your encryption key. This means your encryption key, i.e., your master password, is never sent to us, making it impossible to access your data for anyone but you.
  • Everything is always encrypted locally – SafeWallet will always automatically encrypt all your personal information using your private key and the most advanced encryption technologies. This unique technology ensures that all your data, including what is synced between your devices, is always encrypted so no one can ever have access to your data but you. Accessing your personal information (e.g. when reading and writing decrypted data) only occurs locally using the SafeWallet client installed on your own PC or mobile, and of course – this will require your SafeWallet master password which only you know.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in to the tool.


If you plan to install SafeWallet of more than one devices, I’d suggest to install the Windows desktop version first. If this is your first time, expect to spend sometime to create folder and cards for your various ID and passwords. Group your ID/Password card by folder using existing template. For each card, you can easily use existing fields or create additional fields to match your needs. The previous version uses a separate data file, but the new one stores data within the app and on it secured service. Users can take advantage of SafeWallet’s import or export function to migrate from or to another wallet app as well as making a copy for backup.

You will need to come up with a master password that you should never forget. Since the developer does store your encrypted data on their server for synchronization across devices. the encryption key never leaves your devices. They can not help you to retrieve your password in case you lose it.

Logging in the first time requires your email address for your account, for which, I guess, the developer uses to promote their products in exchange of this free offering as well as managing the cross platform synchronization. Subsequent logins on all platforms obviously, require your master password. The app conveniently includes a large numerical only keyboard, which can be brought up by taping the quad-1,2,3,4 icon on the right of the password entry box. Using number only master password would be easier but less safe than a mix of alpha and special characters.

The latest version also includes browser Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome extensions. SafeWallet helps you select powerful and unique logins to each site you visit. The browser extension creates and automatically fills your powerful logins for you, so you don’t have do memorize them by yourself.

After the first install on the desktop, now you can proceed to download to your iOS and Android devices. From the mobile app, you can sync your wallet created on the desktop previously. They need to be on the same WiFi network for the initial sync.

I am running to few issues with the new version, but SBSH provides prompt and excellent support as usual. The developer also has an excellent active forum, should you need to send request or discuss with the developer or other users. Standard Casual users should be happy with the SafeWallet V3 

Get the app here!

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