Deko, a new intuitive and fun way to generate random endless wall papers for your iPhone & iPad. Deko is completely free with no advertisement nor logo.

Launch the app and you will be greeted with the first abstract wall paper, if you like the pattern, but want to see other variations of the same pattern, swipe small distance from right to left to reveal the next wallpaper. The app lets you swipe back from left to right to retrieve the last one. To generate a complete pattern change, swipe again from right to left at various distances.

Once satisfied, you can tap on the wallpaper to share or to save it back to your device to be used as wallpaper.


Responsive, minimal, creative, intuitive, fun and unlike other wallpaper apps, Deko only generates digitally images as you go, so the app occupies a small footprint.

Yes, Deko has it all to please. By the way, did we tell you it is free?

[Deko iTunes Link]

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