image Since Google announced its ambitious and revolutionary Glass project, an augmented reality wearable device; only handful of developers and pundits can purchase at $1,500. Almost a year later, Google posted another video depicting new experiences that the device can provide including voice command recognition; making video call with Hangouts, Translation, Google Now integration, Maps, Navigation,. or basically most of Google services will be brought up to less than an inch from your eye. The hardware powering the Glass display itself is perched just above your ordinary field of view, like at the top of the frame of sunglasses.    

For the occasion, Google opens up to public by way of a contest that individual can share their plans for this device on Google+ or Twitter using the hashtag #ifihadglass. If you get selected, you still have to prepare $1,500 to purchase the eyeglasses. Read HERE for more details!

The project is aiming for public release in 2014.

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