image Picture this: you are a small business owner with the needs to equip few workstations in the office and your office embraces Web based apps. The new offering from HP seems to be for you.

HP starts selling today the HP Pavilion 14” Chromebook, which is running Google Chrome OS, a simple and lightweight OS designed to serves up Web apps. Users can eventually connect and use more heavy lifting apps or mage traditional servers using remote desktop feature of the Chrome OS.  The Chrome OS requires next to nothing when it comes to infrastructure and software maintenance.

Unlike the existing competitive offerings from Samsung ($249,$449), Acer ($199) and more recently Lenovo ($429). The HP Pavilion targets more office users than mobile by featuring larger display at 1366 x 768 14”, larger keyboard and smaller battery that withstands only 4hrs between charges. The company is assuming your Chromebook would sit mostly in the cubicle, wired for power and the larger display would prevent you from getting another monitor for better productivity.

The HP Chromebook is powered by an 1.1GHz Intel Celeron CPU; 2GB of RAM; 16GB of SSD plus SD slot; 3 x USB 2.0. HP is asking $330 per unit. The device goes on sale starting today at regular retail outlets and at HP site.

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