Instagram is one of the Web services that was using truly the  “mobile first” motto. The network first let iPhone users snap photo on the go and quickly share it after a quick beautification with artful filters. At much later date, Instagram supports Android devices. Users can perform normal social activities on the network such, ?, comment, discover, follow, hashtag, etc..


All activities related to the network such uploading, viewing and commenting have been until now, on mobile exclusively. Instagram also allows third party Web services such to display photo feed inline. Only recently, Instagram started imposing to competitors including Twitter to display inline Instagram photos. Only links to Instagram site are allowed.

Since the service was acquired by Facebook, the social networking giant pretty much lets Instagram to run as stand alone entity. Under Facebook ownership, Instagram ran in to few notable mishaps related to user policy changes that have caused some uproars.

Few months ago, Instagram started make a move to the Web with user profile display. Users can access to the site and display their personal photo stream.

Today, in a blog post, Instagram announced it goes further to lets users display their photo feed, which includes their photos as well as photos of people they follow. Users can ?, read, leave comment but can not upload photos from the Web browser.

The move perhaps  is to layout the foundation for potential advertisement revenue on the Web, once Facebook and Instagram are ready. 

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