imageA new iOS/Android app called Re:Beat has a great idea to help you to record your heartbeat and send it to someone dear to you.If you want to do something more original than a card, a box of chocolates or a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day, look no further. The free app lets you record your own heartbeat by simply placing the tip of your index finger on your Smartphone’s camera lens for 10 seconds or by tapping the screen. The result is a warm red glow animation, with sound and vibration in sync with your every loving heartbeat. 

How It Works?

  1. Record: Place the tip of your index finger on your Smartphone’s camera. Re:Beat will automatically detect your pulse. You can also manually tap your finger on the screen, in tune with your pulse.
  2. Preview: A preview with a visualization of your heart is created, with sound in sync with your heart rate.
  3. Attached a message
  4. Send & Share: Send your heartbeat to all your loved ones via SMS and share the app with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Your Re:Beat can be sent to anyone with a mobile phone or web browser. Share your heartbeat through SMS, email, Twitter or Facebook. The recipient doesn’t need to have the app to view the heartbeat animation.


Click here to see an example: 

iOS | Google Play

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