The fun SnipSnap app that let you scan a print discount coupons and save it to your smartphone, just added the feature to save the coupon in Passbook, Apple’s versatile mobile wallet application.

imageIn addition to your saved coupons, within the app, you can discover/save discount coupons saved by others and featured coupons that SnipSnap sends to you occasionally via push notification. The app also notifies if the saved coupons are about to expire. To redeem the coupons, you can just show its entry along with the barcode in the app to the checkout register.

With the latest feature, you can still scan and save the print coupon as usual, but an “+” Add-to button will allow to add to iOS Passbook. The only convenience for doing so is the consolidation of all your various coupons, membership cards in one place and Passbook would send you a notification when you are nearby a store, where you can redeem your coupons.

SnipSnap is free and can be downloaded in the iOS app store. For Android users, you can use a similar app called RetailMeNot.

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