Today, at a live event in New York  Sony officially shared what its next game console will offer. The PlayStation 4. will be released this holiday season.

The new game console hardware will be based on PC technology with AMD 8-core X86 processor, 8GB RAM; enhanced graphics; game play is available while background download is still in progress using Sony’s Gaikai compression technology. The PS4 will be the mothership of your entertainment. The company will provide app to other mobile platforms to participate in to the Sony ecosystem.

As expected, the new platform will offer heavy social experience in game play as well as sharing media with friends. The PS4 will focus on ‘personalization’ to tailor your preferences to improve experience. 

While the new PS4 is nowhere to be seen, Sony showed of the new DualShock 4 controller, which features a touchpad, share button, lightbar and headphone jack. The controller is equipped with a small camera that let the PS4 tracks player position.


Along with the statement of directions, Sony announced a number of games that will be available at launch, which is scheduled for the holiday season. Games include Knack, Killzone Shadow Fall, Destiny, Diablo III and Final Fantasy.. 


Tech Specs:

  • Single-chip custom processor, with eight x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU cores and 1.84 TFLOPS next-gen AMD Radeon based graphics engine
  • 8GB GDDR5 memory
  • Built-in hard drive
  • 6x Blu-Ray and 8x DVD drive
  • USB 3.0 and auxiliary ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 2.1
  • HDMI, analog AV-out, and optical S/PDIF audio output
  • DualShock 4 controller, with two-point capacitive touchpad, three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer, vibration, light bar with three color LEDs, mono speaker, micro USB port, stereo headset port, extension port, 1000mAh battery
  • PlayStation 4 Eye camera, with two 1280 x 800 cameras, f/2.0 fixed focus lenses, 85-degree field of view, 30cm minimum focusing distance, four-channel microphone array

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    Well that controller was way off…

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