As Apple native iOS apps remain pretty much “status quo”, this definitely gives opportunity to third party developers to come up  with innovative ideas. The latest one is Sunrise Calendar app for the iPhone.

The developer took a daring path not following the core calendar APIs of iOS, Sunrise gets data directly from Google Calendar and for events, the app pulls from Facebook. If your iOS calendar contains data more than just Gmail calendar than this is not for you. Tempo or Fantastical would be a better alternative.


In the other hand, if you rely on Google Calendar and you are a Facebook centric user. you will find Sunrise a fantastic free tool that could easily replace the native calendar app. The app looks very modern and intuitive, it gives you all the information you need including weather in a beautiful and intuitive user interface.

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The app integrates very well with Facebook for events, you can get information related to birthday and other events. The app lets you interact with your event related friends directly within the app.

The calendar function is very easy to navigate as well as smart data entry to create, edit events. The default screen view shows 2 week view with 2 lines on top and the list view at the bottom half. Hold and drag down the screen to navigate quickly month to month.

The app is free and available in the App store

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