Tempo, a new calendar app, designed primarily for business users, who joggle with heavy and complex daily schedule; their calendar entries are the often anchors linking to various pieces of information, which perhaps reside inside other apps. At first glance, the app provides normal function of a calendar app with dropdown menu from top center to show agenda, day, week, month views. Looking further, Tempo constantly combs all pertinent and related information for each calendar entry and smartly populates to it based on research from Apple’s Siri. The goal is to provide a single point of information gathering. Information are pulled from your email, contacts, meeting participants,  location, etc..  With all relevant information that Tempo thinks you might need, you won’t have to fumble across various sources to get things done. Tempo will learn over time and includes more context to your schedule to help you to make the most out of your day.




Starting from one push calling with passcode already formatted to find a participant phone number to contact them over text, email or place a phone call to sending a notification announcing you are late the the group. You will find needed actions within the app.

Bringing Tempo to your busy day saves you time and eliminates the hassles that can come with preparing for your next meeting. With just one tap within the app, you can:

  • Send a pre-populated “running late” email or text
  • Dial into conference calls – Tempo handles the passcode
  • Get directions, parking and estimated driving time
  • Review emails that pertain to the meeting
  • Open related documents
  • Quickly reach attendees via phone, email or text
  • Find the exact location even if you don’t have the address
  • Browse attendees’ LinkedIn profiles
  • Connect to Foursquare and Yelp
  • Get estimated driving time
  • Wish your friends happy birthday on Facebook
  • Know your flight status
  • Use Siri to create your next calendar event or meeting

The only problem I had was the peculiar way the developer distributes the app. You first enroll to make reservation and you will be placed in a waiting list; but after few days, once logged-in, the features and functionalities are definitely worth the wait.

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Download Tempo for free HERE!

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