image You have seen Beam, Kinect, etc.. Navigate your computer with gestures will become more prevalent and with the free Flutter app, you can have it now.

If your computer is equipped with a standard webcam device, using the app, you can fully navigate most media players including iTunes, Spotify, VLC, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.. without touching to your keyboard nor mouse. The app lets you wave your hand. It detects, recognize your gesture and execute the orders, even you play music in the background and having other windows in the foreground.   Gestures include pause, play, next and previous.

A new version has been released to add gesture-based control music & videos playback in Google Chrome browser. Flutter now supports YouTube, Pandora, Grooveshark & Netflix. During the installation process, the new Flutter app automatically opens the Flutter extension url at the end of the tutorial. Simply clicking “Add to Chrome” allows you to enjoy songs, movies and more using gesture control within your browser. 

Download Flutter HERE!

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