601149_10151380800933851_1913659256_n There has been lot of talk about the fate of Jelly Bean, the latest surprise in the Android line up, sequentially making it Android 4.1. After its launch, people are asking questions about the security and updates. Key logger threats and things like malware have been a serious problem in the past. With updates previously issued to versions such as the popular Android 2.3.3, the matters weren’t completely or sufficiently resolved, leaving users with no option but to resort to third party security apps to clear their key logger and security issues. Though not only has security been the problem but similar to iPhone spyware and malware Android devices have also suffered from virus that cause damage, to the user and device. For instance the SMS sending virus, which caused infected phones to send SMS messages to premium numbers.

Number is a major thing
The huge size of Android users can prove to be benefit as well, which can be seen in terms of the number and variety of apps which are available for the platform. Hundreds of thousands of applications which serve the most unusual of purposes are available. Many companies are working with Android as it has gained so many consumers and all of them are actively upgrading their own devices.

image Acer has started issuing the latest version of Android on the A700, which is part of their Iconica Tab series. It is quite unusual that Acer did not announce this update; but the device owners who alerted others about the device update. Other firms such as Asus who were aware of the update also started distributing it to their Transformer Prime (TF201) device owners. If you still have not updated your device make sure you visit the notifications tab on your device. Other Asus device owners might not wait for. Experts over at the Asus labs had planned to deploy the update for Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700) as well though due to some minor hiccups have suspended the launch, and stated that it will be made available within a few days.

So far users in Poland have received the update on their Samsung Galaxy S III, the Korean manufacturers claimed that it will take some time for the update to arrive in other countries. The device makers claim that distribution of the device is determined by the wireless carriers requirements, though there is no mention as how big of a time frame it could be. The Galaxy Exhilarate users have also received their updates from Samsung this week. There is also other good news for Samsung device owners as there is news from Samsung that more of their devices will also be receiving the Android 4.1 update. This will include the Galaxy S 2, Galaxy Tab 2 both the 7.0 as well as the 10.1 versions. As is common with Samsung there is no mention of when the update can even be expected, only staying to say that it will sometime in the future.

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