Winston is a new impressive free app aiming to provide a quick glance of local weather, important domestics & world news along with business, technology, entertainment news and your social networking activities.. All that with vocal voice and a soothing background music. The app displays enticing animated images accompanied with vocal bite-size news updates. Audio can be streamed to Airplay supported devices.


Additional tiles (channels) can be added  with curated featured contents or with a handful of other sorted by categories. Don’t forget, the more more contents you add, the start-up time will take longer to update.

There is no need to register with the service; however, you have to grant access to your Facebook and Twitter for the app to pull updates to you. At launch, it takes few seconds for the app to refresh the feeds. Then you can select the briefing or other tiles as needed. During the playback you can swipe the main photo back and forth for next or previous content. On the top bar, you can pause; go back to main page or select the + sign for emailing the content link. 

In the settings, selection of the reading speed is available and a download option of full newscast contents for offline listening. In my experience, even with the download option was set to off, I still could listen to the summarized contents from the last update. There is option to turn off the background music if you so choose.

Winston app is a very attractive and convenient app when you are on the move and the UI design with large tiles works great even in car. Since the app emphasis on vocal voice, it needs to have continued playback even the screen is off.

The app is available for iOS and in English only at launch. We were told that an Android version and additional languages will be available in the future. 

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