Facebook just announced the network is rolling out a brand new redesigned newsfeed. The “Home” page that users aggregates all the updates from their friends and pages they like.

The larger single column format is aiming to create a more emerging visual experience and less clutter. Each story has been “reimagined” to put the spotlight on what your friends are sharing.


Almost all visual element such photos, videos are enlarged and the design lets user pick and choose selective what they want to see on the Newsfeed. Among the filtering choices are: Recent, Friends, photos, Music, Following (Pages), Games, Groups, Feeds from Your Close Friends and Lists. Users should expect larger and more emerging advertisement as well. (This is the actual reason for the change).

You will notice the real-time ticker is gone in this new design and the left dark gray sidebar is consistent with the mobile interface.

In order to switch to the new Newsfeed format earlier than the general public rollout, you can go to https://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed to join to the waiting list.

The mobile app for iOS and Android will also see a similar design in weeks to come.


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