image Once in a while, we come across a great app that transforms your most ordinary things you do daily in to extraordinary. The HP Live Photo app is one of them.

We all preserve and share memories with still photographs, which may just express a snapshot in time without much surrounding context. What if the viewer can use their phone  along with this free app, pointing to the photo, and all of a sudden, the photo comes alive with a video, from which the photo was extracted from.  HP’s solution called Live Photo, an app that uses augmented reality to view videos “embedded” in printed photographs.

From a short video recorded and stored on your iPhone, the app lets you select a still frame and optionally apply a template from a featured collection. After few seconds, your still photo is ready to be shared on Facebook, via email or print out using HP’s printer with Airprint feature, (this is the part where HP get your many back using their expensive ink), in case you want to frame or put in an album photo.

Note that the app requires you to sign in with Facebook, which is also a convenient way to share with your friends and family. The app uploads the final result there. Viewers then need to download the same app to see the magic augmented reality part of this still photo.

Below is a sample I created for the test so you don’t have to create one.


After you download the app you can just select the camera view icon at the bottom row and point your camera to the above photo. You will see the magic is about to happen.

Note, you can use your iPhone to record a playback YouTube video and create a live photo from it.

The video below provides further explanation. 

HP Live Photo (iTunes App Link)

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