The popular Internet streaming Roku gets an update this week. The latest Roku 3 offers a new search interface, faster processor and a nifty feature allowing viewer to connect the headsets for the remote control for private listening. The Roku 3 box keeps the same pricing as the Roku 2 at $99.

imageThe global search interface greatly enhance user experience for not having to go to each app to search for the video to watch.  The set-top box streams from Internet programming from over 750 channels including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, PBS and Time Warner Cable.

In addition to the  headphone jack, the remote interact with he Roku 3 via WiFi instead of the traditional Infrared, therefore, there is no need to aim the remote to the set-top box and it can work across room, incase you just want to listen to the audio.

Existing Roku boxes will get an software update for the new interface starting April. The Roku 3 is available HERE!

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