With Windows 8, Microsoft  pushes users toward the use of modern UI, where each app is taking the whole screen real estate regardless of how much of the screen they really need. In reality, most Windows 8 desktop users still live in old Desktop environment, thus ignoring the new designed apps.

image Stardock, a long time developer for Windows UI enhancement, has come up with a cleaver solution that perhaps makes Windows 8 modern UI apps usable again. Stardock‚Äôs new utility called ModernMix that cost $5 and comes with 30 day free trial. Once downloaded and installed, ModernMix lets you run Windows 8 “Modern” apps in a resizable window on the desktop.

Not only enables you to run multiple Modern apps in individual separate windows on the desktop as well as launch them from the desktop with the familiar Windows 8 title bar with maximize, minimize and X close buttons, ModernMix remembers Modern app window sizes the next time you launch them. Active Modern apps will also appear on your taskbar where they can be pinned for quick access later. Also create desktop shortcuts for Modern apps.

[Source Stardock]

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