Modern browsers offer convenient way to increase your productivity with tabs to keep your Web pages active. Unfortunately it comes with a cost; the more tabs you have the more CPU and memory carved out form your computer.

imageOneTab is a cleaver extension for Chrome browser that basically with a single click, it closes all your background tabs and collapses them in to a list of links similar to the ones you see in your bookmark. On that tab you can selective open each tab by clicking on the corresponding link  or click to reopen them all.

By collapsing all your tabs, you will certainly see a considerable resource relief should you run something else outside your browser.

OneTab is preserved across browser launch. You can delete, restore and share all or selective the entries. OneTab keeps a history of your tabs, you can delete each entry by hovering your mouse on the left of each entry and click on the X.

You have nothing to lose. Highly recommended.


Download OneTab HERE!

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