Apple users have been plagued with several security issues lately. But the best way is to proactively secure your AppleID, especially when it ties with your credit card information. Apple just opened the two-step verification or authentication to all user. You have to apply and wait three days to activated it.


Essentially, once activated the two-step verification, every time you need to change your personal information in your Apple account, you have to enter your password as usual; In addition, Apple will send another four-digit code via SMS to your trusted phone, such your iPhone or Find My iPhone app. You then can enter the code in order to proceed. The last method when you lost your phone is to use a Recovery Key that will be delivered to you at activation.

  • Your security questions will no longer exist.
  • You will be the only person able to request a password reset.
  • You need to keep your Recovery Key in a safe place

Downloading or purchasing apps; contents do not require the two-step verification.  You can go to this page; click on Manage your Apple ID; click on Password & Security to apply.

Two-step authentication is available only in the USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.

In order to remove this two-step verification (e.g when you sell, replace your phone), don’t forget to visit this page to disable.

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