image NetFlix, the movie/TV shows streaming service is rolling out the Social feature to let subscribers  share what they are watching, suggestions, ratings, recommendations, etc.. from their friends and family on Netflix. Optionally users can also link to their Facebook account for larger reach.

Netflix users can see what their friends have watched by adding new “Friends’ Favorites” and “Watched by your friends” rows to Netflix. Members share what they watch only within Netflix and can optionally share to Facebook. This is a great way to get suggestions from friends for content discovery. At the same time, by linking to Facebook account, the feature would prevent users from sharing their Netflix account credentials. 

Watch this video for a full demonstration.

The service lets you control of what gets shared. You can choose not to share a specific title by clicking the “Don’t Share This” button in the player. You can also visit your “Social Settings” in “Your Account” on to turn on additional sharing to Facebook or stop sharing altogether.

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