Business man holding smartphone Running the basics of your business on a mobile device is essential to any small business owner. It’s important to be available day and night, especially when your business is just starting out. Running a business from a smartphone is about more than answering e-mails and taking calls. Applications have made it possible to run tasks, from regulating finances to holding all of your files, you need to keep your company thriving and ahead of the game.

Pick Your Technology

If you already have a smartphone (and you probably do), then you can skip this section. The iPhone is a popular choice for business owners because of its security and availability to developers who makes the business apps for the phone, but don’t count Android out completely. Companies like Samsung have shown they’re serious about competing with the iPhone with models like the Galaxy SIII. IT companies who deal with mobile security have also become more familiar with Android’s system of the years.


Before you even think about getting started, have a plan to backup your data. Today’s mobile OS’s practically do the job for you, but too many business owners still choose to carelessly skip this step and end up paying for it.

If you run an iPhone, a service called iCloud is built into the OS that will back up all of your phone’s data to a cloud server. The same applied to Android phones using your Google account. It can’t be stressed enough that this should be your first step before moving any further.

Master Communication

If making yourself available at all times is your goal, a smartphone as a nearly endless arsenal of tools to do so. Apps like JoinMe and GoToMeeting give you the ability to have voice and video conferences on the go while also sharing screens and GroupMe can limit meetings to a text chat window if you’re multitasking.

Choose Goals

It’s important not to burden yourself with too many of your business’s tasks on one device. Smartphones can handle just about everything, but the question is, can you? Start with a few areas you’d like to take away from the office. A good one is finances and expenses. Even if you use a company like Liquid Holdings to manage finances on an enterprise level, apps like Expensify can help track smaller purchases by using your phone’s camera to capture receipts and log information.

Once you feel that you’ve mastered one task and worked the time management into your day, add another until you’ve found a comfort zone to working directly from your mobile.

Give Yourself Space

Between constant communication and task management, it’s not difficult to want to throw your smartphone down a well. The key is to pace yourself and don’t get overwhelmed by always being connected by a mobile device. If you can master the art of running the most important parts of your company on the go, that business will have a much better chance to thrive in the future.

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