Verizon is taking back the messaging control with a new app called Messages, which runs across Android, iOS (iPad only) and Web App. Users can sign up with your Verizon account with your own phone number, which is used to identify you. Messages app supports text, photos, maps, etc.. All messages stay on Verizon’s Cloud storage for 90 days and can be downloaded to SD card.


Features include:

  • NEW: Let your friends know when you’re driving or away from your phone by sending a customized Auto-Reply message
  • Customize your messaging experience by selecting your background and bubble colors.  Choose bubbles with color accents or full-color bubbles
  • Optional Pop-up Notifications: Preview your messages without opening the Verizon Messages client
  • Include custom signatures and set your preferred font size

“Take texting to a new level with a seamless messaging experience! Send and receive text and multimedia messages from your phone, tablet or the web using your Verizon Wireless Phone Number”


Verizon’s Messages application is available now in Google Play and the iOS App Store.

[Source Verizon]

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