image Amazon just updated its Amazon Cloud Drive adding file synchronization capability with desktop. Amazon Cloud Drive is a 5GB free cloud storage storage that lets user to store their files on Amazon server farm. The service now offers a client app that runs on Windows, Mac . There‚Äôs also a client for photo only uploading on Android. The client monitors file status you drop in to a local folder  to sync with your cloud account.

The company seems to separate Amazon Cloud Drive from Amazon Cloud Player, which lets users buy or store their own music with playback capability via Web or mobile clients (iOS & Android). Users can upload music to both services but  Amazon Cloud Drive is primary to store files, while Amazon Cloud Player is to store only music. Music uploaded to Cloud Player or Cloud Drive before July 31st is available in both services. However, going forward any music you add to one service won’t be available in the other. Cloud Drive still stores your photos, videos, documents and other digital files securely. You can continue to upload music to Cloud Drive for storage and backup but you will also need to import it into Cloud Player for playback.

Additional storage can be purchased yearly:

  • Files: 5GB for free; $10 for additional 20GB; $25 for 50GB; $50 for 100GB;  $100 for 200GB; $250 for 500GB and $500 for 1TB
  • Music: Free 250 imported songs; $25 for 250,000 imported songs. Unlimited if you purchase from Amazon

Amazon provides similar features as its competing products including Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive.

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