Just after the release Facebook Home for a small number of Android devices and Facebook Messenger App with Chat Heads for other Android devices that did not make to the first selection, today the social network giant released  a new version 6.0 of Facebook for iOS that brings Chat Heads to within the app along few other improvements including a new design format for iPad.

Chat Heads is one of most notable component of Facebook Home that maintains an omnipresent chat session with friends with a profile photo floating regardless where you are within the Facebook app. The same feature on Android devices is more pervasive, Chat Heads can float on any application of your Android screen.


Tap on the profile photo will bring the chat session to foreground as an overlaid box on top of your current screen. Tap the Messenger icon will shrink the session to the profile picture  called Chat Heads,. Chat Heads can be dragged anywhere you might find fit or drag them down to the X icon at bottom to terminate the chat session.. You can have several chat sessions at once. Just pop them out or shrink them as aforementioned.  While you are in chat session, you can tap on the i next to your friend name to reveal more features such voice calling where available and enabling notification. The version 6.0  features one small detail that not many people noticed; the ability to delete the entire conversation thread with a friend. Previously, you only could achieve the conversation threat. Bring up the chat icon to see the list of conversation, swipe on the right to either delete or achieve.

In addition to the Chat Heads, Facebook also implemented Stickers, which offers some giant emoticons to add to your chat session. I admit that it is not attractive enough for me to even try them out nor figure out how to get them.. The Newsfeed now lets you selectively explore Group, Pages, Music, Photos and Games.

The version 6 brings some clean-up in the design for iOS, especially the iPad now got an optimized look for its larger screen real estate.

With the new version, you might want to ditch the stand-alone Facebook Messenger, which has no obvious reasons for its existence.

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