image After the Web version, now available as mobile app that will allow users to create, manage, and deliver paper or digital letters right from their iPhone. lettrs app lets users deliver personal mobile letters for free anywhere in the world via the platform, turning their iPhone into a mobile writing desk.

Through Mother’s Day, May 12, users can also deliver up to five free paper-post letters anywhere in the world by simply using the lettrs app, or by entering the code “mother” when choosing the “best” option on With a fusion of technology and innovation, lettrs converts words onto scented fine linen writing paper, which comes folded in a colorful hand-crafted wrap, sealed with a wax stamp and in a hand-addressed envelope. After Mother’s Day, standard pricing of $2 to $6 applies for paper-post letters while digitally delivered cloud letters remain free.

“The lettrs mobile app effectively brings the post office with you wherever you are,” said John Callan, founder of PostalVision and a 30-year postal industry veteran. “The ability to create and mail a physical letter right from the iPhone is truly an innovation that should be embraced by the U.S. Postal Service, and by anyone who wishes to engage with others through a personal letter. I believe this application will energize an entirely new wave of the timeless art of personal letter writing.”

The lettrs mobile app converts mobile voice, data and pictures to digital and paper-post letters. It allows people to dictate, modify and deliver a letter, helping to revive a more thoughtful mode of personal communication.

Features include:

  • Type or dictate your letter on your iPhone
  • Personalize your letter, with more than 20 themes to choose from
  • Hand-addressed delivery option includes wax-sealed and scented envelopes from our lettrs postal center
  • Digital, cloud-based delivery option
  • Use your iPhone camera to upload a handwritten letter and deliver it via the unique lettrs ecosystem

Lettrs in iTunes ($2.99)

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